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Special Orders

Important Information

Please read in full before placing your order. Not following our policies may risk extra fees being added to the price of your order, or us being unable to take your order at all. We want to make you the best chocolate, please follow our policies to ensure that.

We do not accept same day/next day orders. Please call 6108655781 for store availability. We cannot complete any custom orders on a day's notice.

When Should I Place My Order?

We require up to two weeks notice for most orders. More complicated requests, or orders for 75 or more people may take more notice. If you are not sure how much time your order will take, please feel free to call and ask. We are happy to answer any questions.

Do I Need To Place An Order To Get Your Product?

No, not necessarily! We have a storefront stocked with 100 varieties of goodness. But if you had your heart set on a specific item, or you need larger quantities, calling ahead to make sure we have your favorites in stock might be a good idea.

How Does Pricing Work?

Our special orders are priced on the same scale as our in-store shopping prices, so don't be scared! Most items are charged by weight at $26 per pound. Some items, like lollipops, stars, and truffles, are priced individually, we will be happy to go over the pricing of your specific order before you are expected to pay anything. If your order is priced by weight, we will at least be able to give you a close estimate to your final order. All special orders require a minimum 25% deposit at the time of the order.

Do you Cater?
No, we don't cater. But we can plate your order on a large charger for just $10.

What Kinds Of Events Can I Order For?

Any. All of them. Weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, baptisms, bachelorette parties, and everything in between. You can even place a special order for something you came up with yourself, just for you! For busy holidays like Christmas and Easter, we urge as many people to preorder their favorites and place special orders as possible. Preordering for holidays ensures that we can get everyone exactly what they need to make their holiday just a bit sweeter.

Can I get Your Product Shipped?

Yes, with the exception of some of the summer, we do ship our chocolate. Please see our FAQ page for more shipping information.

Let’s Work Together

Get in touch so we can start working on your dream creation. You will be contacted as promptly as possible to confirm your order or have any remaining questions discussed. Thanks for making us a part of your special occasion, we can't wait!

Thanks for submitting!

We do not accept same day or next day orders. We cannot complete custom orders on a day's notice.

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