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Frequently Asked Questions

Things are best when they are easy, and not confusing. Our most commonly asked questions are answered here. Contact Us if you did not find the answer you were looking for.

How Much Do Things Cost?

Our standard pricing structure is $26 per pound. We do have a few things that exist outside that pricing. Our truffles are $2.50 per piece, our Large Stars of Bethlehem are $3.75 per piece, and our Small Stars of Bethlehem are $1.75 per piece. If you are not sure about the cost of an item, just ask!

Is Your Product Safe for Serious Allergies?

The short answer is no, we do not recommend our product to people with any serious allergies. All of our tools are cleaned as thoroughly as possible, but our kitchen is still very small, and with the handmade nature of our process, we can not guarantee that cross contact of our ingredients has not occurred. We are happy to disclose any ingredients, storage procedures, and answer questions about how items are made to figure out whether or not our product is right for you. 

Do I have to Place an Order to Get your Chocolate?

No, not necessarily. We have a storefront open 6 days a week stocked with 100 varieties of chocolate. If you need something specific, or in large quantities, we do recommend you contact us to see if an order is necessary for your needs.

Do You Make Chocolate Covered Strawberries?

We do! To ensure freshness, we make strawberries to order only. Click Here to inquire about ordering strawberries! *Make sure to read our ordering policies before contacting us, please! We do not accept same day or next day orders.

Do You Ship?

Yes we do! However, the location of the recipient must be under 70 degrees Fahrenheit, otherwise there is a risk of the product being delivered melted. Overnight shipping can be provided if chocolate is ordered when the weather is above this temperature, but it can get pricy, so please consider pickup or app delivery if at all possible in the summertime. You can order any of our standard product for shipping, by the same method as our in store pickup orders. You will be asked to provide your personal contact information as well as the shipping address for wherever your chocolate is going. To keep your costs low, we do not have an inflated shipping charge, we charge you whatever USPS charges us! Because of this, your shipping will be charged as a separate transaction from your chocolate order, after your items have been shipped out. Click Here to inquire about your order or ask us any additional questions.

Can I Contact You About Donations And Fundraisers?

Yes! We are happy to participate in any local fundraising projects that we can. We are a small business, so we can't accept every opportunity. We ask that you send all of the necessary information and paperwork via email before we can accept or deny any requests.

What Is The Quality Of Your Product?

We use the best we can get. The majority of our product is imported from Europe, where food safety and ingredient guidelines are much stricter. Our raw chocolate is a product of Felchlin of Switzerland, a certified organic, fair trade, and sustainable company. It contains no fillers or additives.

Is Your Product Gluten Free?

The short answer is yes. Our product does not contain any wheat fillers. That being said, our product is all made by hand in a very small facility, so the risk of cross contact is still a factor. If you have a serious allergy or medical condition we do not recommend our product for you.

Is Your Product Vegan?

All percentages of our dark chocolate, 60%, 74%, and 88%, are all vegan. But as all products are made by hand in a small facility, we do not recommend our items for people with serious allergies.

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