Chocolate Lab

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About the Chocolate Lab

Mass produced chocolates sit in climate controlled warehouses for 6 months before it ever gets placed on a store shelf. We don’t have any of that. That's why we make it every day. We have no storage facility or warehouse. Small batches - high turnover. Sells quickly and always fresh.

Inside Chocolate Lab

Chocolates are made fresh daily from the minute we walk thru the door until the time we close. Holidays we work long after the store closes and we work Mondays just to keep our shelves stocked during Christmas. This is one reason we are closed Mondays - especially in December. We need an entire day to work uninterrupted to re-stock, wrap candy, box candy, and fill orders. We don't machine, or mass produce, anything. Coldwater Creek once called us for bite-sized chocolate lab dogs for a Christmas catalogue. They needed 10,000 pieces in a week. “Sorry - can't do that!” No machining.



Our temperers are two 60 watt light bulbs underneath a stainless steel bowl that rotates while a fan spins to cool the chocolate, melting about 10 pounds of chocolate at a time.


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Lehigh Valley

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